Yes, I forgot about my blog

 It's been almost 2 months, without a post. Someone with the smallest amount of common sense would know I don't use the blog very often, and that's because its not worth posting to. I am more active on Twitter: @sparkfire298 If I could pin this I will (if you can please show me how)

Disassembled the 60c clock

Might put this in a photo frame How would anyone know it's missing the circuit board?

Moving house

I might make a video about it



sparkfirebot's big news

 I haven't made a proper announcement on sparkfirebot in almost a month (or even a month, I can't keep track), so this is a big announcement for new features coming to the bot! >> New stuff <<  Music Since YouTube playback isn't allowed anymore on Discord, I will be launching a new source (probably our own database) with songs  This isn't out yet, but I will edit this blog when it is. A new appearance on moderation commands The moderation commands have been redone (as in output, still run the same) with easier to read and more friendly messages.  A new invite URL < Since it is a redirect handled by the registrar (Namecheap) there isn't HTTPS yet. It is a redirect. Radio Since original music was removed, I made a new radio command for the third time. The radio station is a station located in Germany (I think, the URL ends in .de) and it shows how many people are listening. You can also provide your own stream URL.  Christ

New video soon

 So, I haven't uploaded in 5 months (YouTube says 5), in April. It's now October, that's a fair chunk of the year without an upload. But I can't figure out what I'll upload next. I could do a tech destruction, but I smashed everything and spent all my money on previous videos (that never actually made it to the channel), I could do gaming but my computer is a potato, or I could do a review but I have nothing to review.  I am really lost in what to upload but I don't want to keep viewers waiting for a new upload. If you have an idea please @ it to me on Twitter @sparkfire298

My review on Garry's Mod

 So I got garry's mod yesterday for $10 USD and it's pretty cool. I got some cars and maps from the workshop and played around with NPCs. This game is fun. Review Controls: 9/10.  Performance: 7/10. Workshop content: 5/10.  Online: 3/10 (Edit March 23) NPCs: 7.5/10 Fun (2023): 11/10 Price: 2/10. This game is good if you're bored or out of games to play on a rainy day, such as me. thank you for reading and coming to my blog thing EDIT OF 30 JAN 23: Since I recently bought both counter strike source and half life I have been able to access pretty much everything from both. I have attempted to recreate scenes from both.